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New exciting technology in skin resurfacing produces unsurpassed results for the medical and esthetic professional.  Derm-A-Peel is a non-surgical, non-evasive system that offers safe and controlled skin abrasion with no risk of contamination's. 

These innovative dermabraders utilize inert microcrystals which are propelled at high speed across the skins surface to abrade the skins tissues, and the resulting debris are vacuumed into a waste bottle which can be disposed of.  This technique is very quick, relatively painless, and the results are immediately seen with high levels of patient/client satisfaction.  There is no "downtime" and this procedure can be used as an alternative treatment to chemical peels as there are very few contraindications or side effects.

A jet of microcrystals (corundum powder) is propelled across the skin's surface throug a sealed tubing system with a sterilizable handpiece which removes unwanted dead skin cells and scarred tissue.A continuous vacuum of microcrystal is formed (aspiration mode) The microcrystal are finally collected in a container that holds the waste materials. The real benefit is that after treatment, the patient/client is able to leave the clinic with a clean and fresh sparkling tone, due to regeneration of the epiderma cell structure. Safety is paramount, and therefore, all parts which come into conctact with the skin during therapy, are either disposable

How does Derm-A-Peel work?
The Ultrapeel system utilizes a flux of microcrystals titanium powder that is directed to the skin surface through a sealed tubing system with a dedicated handpiece. The microcrystal are finally collected in a container that holds the contaminated waste materials. The delivery kit is produced in hard plastic material and is the perfect disposable kit.


What can Ultrapeel treat?
Face and body peeling 
Lined, wrinkled or sundamaged skin
Dull, congested, thick or blemished skins
Active acne  
Scar revision
Stretch marks, Striae
General dermabrasion

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