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tick.gif (10884 bytes)  La dermatología en el Cine

Dermatology in the Cinema, by Vail Reese, MD:

  • Asociaciones e Institutos de dermatología

Archives of Dermatology

Cairo, Egypt: New Dermatological Resources

Chronicle of Skin & Allergy

Dermatology Online Journal

Internet Dermatology Society

Society for Investigative Dermatology

International Journal of dermopharmacological research

European Society for Dermatological Research (ESDR), server at Dept. of Dermatology in Nijmegen (The Netherlands): (that is a number 1 in "01" and a small-case letter L is just before the "/www" (you cannot tell the difference between the number "1" and the letter "l" in  e-mail, I found: (When 1st establishing an e-mail address or a WWW site, try not to use a number 1 or letter L.)

AAD (American Academy of Dermatology) Home Page

MATRIX - EXCELLENT!! Dermatology Resources at University

of Calif at Davis; tumors of the skin--recognizing,

diagnosing, treating; hundreds of photos

Dermatology Online Journal

Dermaplace Un site de actualizaciones en dermatología (En portugués)

Harvard Skin Disease Research Center (funded by the National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases)/describes ongoing HSDRC activities

Journal of Cutaneous Medicine & Surgery

Journal of Dermatological Treatment

Journal of Investigative Dermatology

Singapore's National Skin Center

Dermatology News

Dept. of Dermatology ; Mie University School of Medicine, Japan (includes skin diseases in Asia and Japan)

Dept. of Dermatology, Univ. of Iowa

Mexican Academy of Dermatology. English version available soon:

New York University's Dermatology Dept. home pageRxDerm-L Forum (an archive of rx discussions among dermatolgists-VERY GOOD!!), listed by disease or symptom

Dermatology Home Page for University of British Columbia

Dermatology Dept. at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Winston-Salem

EXCELLENT!! Global Dermatology Grand Rounds; Case of the Month & more; submit your diagnosis after viewing the case history and slide(s):

CliniWeb, Dermatology, Oregon Health Sciences University "Browse" (very good): (those are two zeros after the "8", not the letter "O"):

Contact Dermatitis Home Page (Patch Tests-allergens

Dermatology Forums (discussion groups--how to join and get help with your problem cases) (Internet List Services), Univ of Iowa:

Medical Matrix - Dermatology & Guide of Internet Medical Resource>

Society of Dermatology Physician Assistants, Inc.

The Department of Dermatology in Zuerich, Switzerland:

The Women's Dermatologic Society site, hosted by the Internet Dermatology Society

  • Buscadores

Numerous WWW sites that you can search, typing in a derm key word. Choose "Medical Specialties," then "Dermatology," then "Search" then type, without the quote marks, "psoriasis" or, if two words, put them in brackets and type: [acne vulgaris]

Search an address book for registered over-seas dermatologists' addresses & e-mail addresses. Must know last name, or to get a list of all MD's, search for "MD" and "M.D."

How to link up to other dermatology URL's Search for home or business address and phone number of any dermatologist (ANY person, actually) in the U.S (free)

Be sure to do this one last: It takes you to a very very long, very very broad list of, among other things, written articles you can order, derm research grants, CD-ROM's, slides, audiovisuals, derm awards--a broad variety of derm resources. This is a product of searching just the word "dermatology" in the title of thousands of documents located world wide, so even "veterinary dermatology" is included!

Medical Matrix - Derm Resources

Dermatology Resources

DermNet - New Zealand Derm - Great Site!

DermWeb - UBC

Hardin Dermatology Resources

Spanish Dermatology service: You can search a database of bibliogrphc reference articles published in the Spanish dermatologic journals during last ten years; reference title results are then e-mailed to you

Dermatologic Lab & Supply Co. (huge dermatology lab and

supply company--very handy to have catalog onscreen)--(I

have no financial affiliation with them!!!)

To add dermatologists' and derm-related personal web sites or search for IDS members: (IDS)

AAD MEMBER SEARCH: To search for all dermatologists in a certain state or city

Galderma site designed for patients to search for dermatologists  in U.S

Place to link up to MANY derm websites

JAAD Derm InfoNet Page

  • Reacciones cutáneas

Cutaneous Drug Reactions Data Base at Dartmouth:


RxList - The Internet Drug List (Drug name cross-index list)

German Center for Severe Skin Reactions

  • Links sobre daño solar y cancer de piel

Univ. of Penn; good up-to-date melanoma section: (then type in "melanoma" in the block, or any word you want to search.)

Introduction to Skin Cancer, with links to specific information available around the Net; general-public oriented, but some links of interest to an MD (good UV data for skin-cancer lectures). Topics covered include: basal cell carcinoma, exposure catagories, immuno-therapy, melanoma, ozone depletion, skin types, SPF, squamous cell, sunburn, sunscreen, tanning, ultraviolet light, UV-forecast, etc.

Ultraviolet light indicator sites:

U.S. EPA Stratospheric Ozone Home Page

USA TODAY Web Site (see Weather Index)

Equipos para medir la Radiación Ultravioleta

National Association of Physicians for the EnvironmentElectronic Textbook of Dermatology, Chapter on Carcinogenesis:

Skin Cancer Web Site

Roswell Park Cancer Institute/Melanoma Studies/Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma:

Melanoma Statistics (good for lectures)(Section 16), NCI SEER data

CancerNet, National Cancer Institute, Melanomas, good for students

BEST SITE ON THE NET: Web Site of Mark Weber, relating to melanomas--VERY good, access to support groups, treatments, research, prevention, insurance, YOU NAME IT! Especially good for referral to melanoma patients

  • Información sobre enfermedades cutáneas y casos clínicos

Information on Common Skin Diseases from shingles

and warts to Impetigo, nail diseases, & occupational

skin diseases, etc.

Derm cases and diagnoses at YALE University:

Links para slides

Electronic Textbook of Dermatology

Among other things (including a Physician e-mail directory), clinical photos of various dermatological conditions. Can submit your own (image file) photos; EMBBS Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page:

Diagnosis by Morphology

Guide to Internet Clinical Medicine Resources/Dermatology

Link: gopher://

The Skin Channel (from Chronicle of Skin and Allergy- some commercialism here)

In Italian, soon to be in English, Pediatric Dermatology:

Cutaneous Parasites (if it bites, stings, infects or infests)

Necrotic Spider Bites--Oregon Health Sciences Univ. GOOD!>

  • Grupos de apoyo e información para pacientes

Acne Support Group

Alopecia Areata -Frequently Asked Questions/& National Foundation link

Contact Dermatitis Home Page

Centerwatch - tracks research protocols

Clinical Trials by Disease-click on "Dermatology"

Gluten-free Website

Links to : Derm Patient Support Groups

National Psoriasis Foundation

National Rosacea Society (mostly for patients)

Skin Therapy Letter

Support Groups

Social Hygiene Book (Skin)

Vitiligo Research:


by the National Vitiligo Foundation Inc


  • Otros links médicos no relacionados con Dermatología

Archives of Internal Medicine


Doctors Guide to the Internet

Free Medline & PDR access at PDR's home page

Healthgate Free Medline

Healthgate Resources

JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association)

Virtual Library: Cognitive Science (have not checked this site out yet)

Empire Blue Cross Medicare Home Page (New York State) (regarding billing problems for AKA's). LINK to Medicare Part B, "Benign lesions"

POL (Physicians' Online), a free online service, although when they offer Internet services (soon!), there WILL be a charge for only that part. Sponsored by the National Library of Medicine and various drug companies, it provides MEDLINE, Aidsline, GenRX, Drug Interactions, latest medical news reports, a physician discussion forum, and more.  It's a supplemental tool for researching dermatology topics for lectures, writing articles, or just searching for the latest treatment studies for a specific dermatologic problem


World Health Organization


Medscape - free Medline & review articles

Pharmaceutical Intelligence


British Medical Journal

Canadian Medical Association and CMA Journal

Canadian Health Network

Ontario Medical Association

Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons

Nature Medicine



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